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Interior Remodels

None of our homes for rent in Las Cruces are rented out without a top of the line remodeling. Once remodeled, we strive for regular maintenance and repair on all of our rental properties to maintain the highest quality of standards for our tenants.


Our Process is Simple

1) The Remodel

After acquiring a home, we put it through an extensive remodel. From the ceiling fans to the baseboards, we upgrade and update everything. Once remodeled, we strive for regular maintenance and upkeep to keep that “new” feel on all of our rental properties.

2) The Flip

After the remodel, our homes are put up on the market. If you see this sign, do not hesitate to move quickly. Once available, many of our homes for rent in Las Cruces are rented within a couple of weeks! The desirability of our homes comes from great locations and modern comfort.

Rental Properties

3) Application & Screening

Now you know how much care we put into our dwellings; its only reasonable we put that same amount of care into finding the right tenant. All tenants are screened and vetted to ensure compatibility. The results of our system lie in our higher than industry average for tenant retention.

4) Welcome Home

Congrats, you’ve made it through the application process! Before any tenant signs a contract, we insist on a physical inspection to ensure you are properly satisfied with our dwelling. Love what you see? Great! Welcome home.

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Rental Properties

A Family Business

    Our family has been in the real estate business for over 30 years. In 2017 we combined our individual efforts to form an official family business. Our experience has provided us with a deep understanding of our client’s needs and local market trends. We support a multi-state rental portfolio with responsive local staff. Our tenants love our professionalism and commitment to quality service. We pride ourselves on showcasing top-tier rental properties with attention to detail. Our properties are always modern, well-maintained, energy-efficient and competitively priced. Client satisfaction is evident in our class leading lease renewal rates.

Mission & Values


Our mission is to be committed to providing quality home management solutions


To hold ourselves to the highest standards for quality affordable rental properties


Provide quality rentals to quality tenants

Meet and exceed the highest standards for our tenants in order to encourage them to live in our properties for years

Respond timely and professionally to the needs and complaints of a tenant

To always provide tenants a professional approach to renting a home; with rules and charges clearly laid out, and to never ask renters to sign a contract without a physical tour of our rental properties, or being absolutely secure in their decision with L&C Properties.


Love our rental properties? Moving soon? Curious about our next availability? Message us today. We love hearing from potential new tenants!


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